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About Us

Smart Kidz Media is the producer and distributor of award-winning educational videos flash-animated eBooks, interactive study guides, music and other media that are designed to facilitate visual instruction and learning in a home environment. Our cutting-edge video streaming and Cloud technology introduce a significant change in the way educational digital media is made available and presented to students. And what’s more, our multimedia products support and enhance what is being taught in all school curriculums. Through the SmartKidz Media Library, we offer families a comprehensive catalog of digital media topics and visual instruction in the areas of the animal kingdom, history, science, social studies, world cultures, the fine arts, sports, and health. Further, our video streaming and Cloud technology provide a delivery system of media that can be viewed by all family members on any device, at any time and anywhere.

The SmartKidz Media Library features a membership plan where you and your family have unlimited access to all the titles found in the Library.

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive with a membership to the SmartKidz Media Library:

  1. The Library is a safe, controlled learning environment for the home.
  2. A diverse and wide-ranging collection of educational multimedia content—it’s like having a complete encyclopedia set in the home!
  3. The Library helps your students satisfy their curiosity and gain a better understanding of their world.
  4. The digital media is not only educational, but it is highly entertaining as well.
  5. The blend of multimedia content will capture and hold the interest of your students for hours on end!
  6. The perfect resource for eager-to-learn students who like to learn and explore on their own!
  7. The library is composed of proprietary and exclusive content found nowhere else on the Internet.
  8. All your family members have access to the library content anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  9. An affordable monthly membership fee—no matter what your family budget.

The SmartKidz® Media Library—an investment in your child’s academic success, now and into the future!