It is well known that music affects our feelings and energy levels. We use music to create desired moods—to make us happy, to enjoy movement and dance, to energize us, to bring back powerful memories, and to help us relax and focus. Music is a powerful tool for our personal expression within our daily lives. It helps "set the mood" for the many important activities we engage in during the day.

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Throughout time, people have recognized and intentionally used the powerful effects of music to their advantage. The scientific community has conducted research to validate and expand our analytical knowledge of music. This research supports what we know from personal experience: Music greatly affects and enhances our daily living activities and learning performance.

Research continues to be conducted to provide helpful guidelines for the intentional use of music in the learning environment. It has been found that relaxing background music creates a learning atmosphere that enhances learning perforrmance. Listening to relaxation music makes it easier for students to focus their mind while studying—thus making their hours of study more productive.

Relaxing background music has been found to benefit students in the following ways:
• establishes a positive learning state
• creates a desired atmosphere
• energizes learning activities
• changes brain wave states
• helps focus concentration
• increases attention and improves memory
• releases tension
• provides inspiration and motivation
• adds an element of fun

Using the relaxation music featured in this section, parents can orchestrate a learning environment that is rich and resonant—and provide students with a symphony of learning opportunities and a sound education!

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