What Parents Want for Their Children 
Today’s parents frequently hear that their children’s first three years are the most significant for laying a solid foundations on which to build language and literacy skills. But what they don’t hear is exactly how to ensure their children get the kinds of early experiences that will help them develop these skills. In response to this need, Smart Kidz Media brought together a dedicated team of child developmentalists, parents and leading educators. By collaboration, research, and testing, the team developed the Baby Signs, Say & Read program—a comprehensive, multimedia program composed of several digital media products that help parents facilitate the development of early communication and pre-reading skills in the home.

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A Program Based on Research
The Baby Sign, Say & Read™ program is based on over two decades of research, much of it funded by the National Institutes of Health. This research was conducted by child developmentalists, Dr. Linda Acredolo and Dr. Susan Goodwin at the University of California, Davis. Their research has proven that encouraging pre-verbal, hearing babies to communicate via simple, non-verbal signs facilitates learning to talk, promotes literacy, and leads to an increased IQ in elementary school.

A Home Reading Program
The Baby Signs, Say & Read is a comprehensive, proprietary pre-reading program designed for use in a home environment. It gives parents a consistent, systematic and integrated program that enables them to create a learning environment where children can build language and pre-reading skills. Designed to be used with young children from 1 to 3 years of age, the concepts that are introduced in the program are developmentally appropriate to the age, interest and ability of that child. The Baby Signs, Say & Read program will help parents feel confident that they are giving their young children the best possible start in life.

First Basic Pre-Reading Skill: Word Recognition
The Baby Sign, Say & Read™ program is built on the fundamental premise that in order for young children to become successful readers, they must first have a strong foundation of word recognition skills. Therefore, the resources in the Baby Sign, Say & Read™ program center on several basic and repetitive activities that lead to fast, automatic word recognition. Through a variety of highly engaging and enriching multimedia products, children will begin to build an immediate vocabulary and develop long-term language and reading skills.

First Signs & Words
The Baby Sign, Say & Read™ program features signs and words that relate to a toddler’s day-to-day life. The multimedia products introduce such concepts as colors, shapes, numbers, animals, objects, first signs, first words, foods, and nature—all important topics in a young child’s world. The goal of the program is not to achieve the memorization or word recognition of a certain amount of words by a certain age, but rather to give infants and toddlers the foundation for learning to read at a later age when it is easiest for them to do so.

The Importance of Parent-Child Bonding
The Baby Sign, Say & Read™ program fosters a strong bond between young children and their parents. The multisensory resources provide parents with opportunities to nurture and connect with their children, which in turn fosters positive associations with reading. With voice-activated Smart Cardz™, engaging videos, and other activities featured in the program, the learning process will be fun and entertaining for both children and their parents.

By addressing the needs of parents and children, The Baby Sign, Say & Read™ program can be seen as a unique resource that encourages positive family relationships and assists parents in creating a learning environment in which their children can learn language and literacy skills more naturally and confidently.

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