The My Animal Family Program teaches family values, respect for animals—and it is highly educational and entertaining. Through captivating videos, children will explore the wonder of animals on our planet, they learn valuable life skills and they strengthen family
ties---all while having fun!

Each video features a day-in-the-life of the baby animal as she interacts with her family. Children will be fascinated as they watch the award-winning video footage...and hear a child’s voice narrate the adventures of the baby animals’ family. Children will watch in wonderment as a real-life Ella learns to be a responsible member of her family. Leo shows his sister the way to the river. When Korow and her friends try to climb a tree for the first time, they will have your children giggling. Plus, the My Animal Family Program has lots of interesting animal facts...and fun video songs to learn!

As a parent and homeschooler, you will love the program too because you can rest assured that the My Animal Family Program is professionally developed, carefully structured, and can be viewed in a safe learning environment for your children.

My Animal Famly: Video Storybook

My Animal Family: Fun Facts

My Animal Family: Story Songs