"Global Warming" has made its presence felt in a big way, so much so that people across the globe are thinking more about the environment they live in and asking important ecological questions. So, how much do we actually understand our planet, its changes, systems and ways of functioning? Are these changes permanent or are they just periodic natural changes? Will we eventually come out of these changes unscathed? Man's handling of the environment has raised issues like pollution, rainforest devastation, desertification, erosion, and the eradication of some of the Earth's animal species. The Ecology section of the library attempts to uncover these issues, and show how humans are time and again outwitted by nature in his attempts to solve these problems.

Ecology: Living Greener - Collection 1

Ecology: Living Greener - Collection 2

Ecology: Our World - Was It Always Like This

Ecology - Global Warning

Ecology: Oil - Black Gold