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Do you know where on the planet you can find the only untouched glacier? Where is the widest, the highest or the smallest waterfall in the world? Which desert is the driest or the largest? Do you want to know the location of the most inaccessible mountains, the deepest point of the ocean, or where the salt plains lie? Do you know what the 12 most valuable treasures found on the Earth are? In the Geography & Travel section of the library, students will discover the world of geysers, active volcanoes, Earth’s treasures and bizarre rock formations which have one thing in common – they are not the work of man, they are the magical creations of nature. If students are curious about the world and want to know more about this fascinating place, Geography & Travel will help them make more sense of the world they live in.

Geography & Travel: Miracles Of Nature

Geography & Travel: World Wide Discovery - Part 1

Geography & Travel: World Wide Discovery - Part 2

Geography & Travel: World Wide Discovery - Part 3

Geography and Travel: Natures Treasures

Geography and Travel: Around The World

Geography & Travel: World Wide Destinations